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About Campaign Management

Campaign Management promotes a product through different media, including Email, print, online platforms and Television/Radio. We belive that campaigns don't have to rely solely on advertising and can also include demonstrations, word of mouth and other interactive techniques. Businesses operating in highly competitive markets may initiate frequent marketing campaigns and devote significant resources to generating brand awareness and sales.

We also advise key decision makers of the companies on all issues relating to marketing. From identifying market opportunities, growth strategy, marketing strategies, branding strategies, digital marketing and international marketing, We cater our clients under one roof for their variety of strategic marketing needs. We not only give advice, but also mentor and support clients in implementing recommended strategies to get desire results.

Why choose Campaign Management

  • - Solve critical marketing issues and improve performance

  • - Increase market share in existing market

  • - Attract and win online customers through digital marketing

  • - Expand into International markets

  • - Enter and succeed in new market with existing or new product

  • Our Mission

    To provide customer-centric and results-oriented strategical digital marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes.


    Main Services Overview

    Campaign Management is the planning, executing, tracking and analysis of direct marketing campaigns. We treat this function as the heart of any campaign. While our media strategy ensures you are present on multiple digital platforms relevant to your business, the campaign managers set sharp goals for each media (we understand, any digital media campaign without goals and measurements is incomplete).

    Our campaign managers watch your campaigns performance like a hawk. They analyse each medium's performance against set goals, keep a close track of traffic, CTR, conversions and optimize the campaigns wherever needed to achieve the desired goals. They will also write poems on the campaigns if asked.

    They are also the ones to seamlessly integrate efforts across all our departments namely, SEO/SEM, Social Media, Media Planning and Buying, creative's to ensure perfect synergy for your campaigns. While you send in the lyrics by mail, the Campaign Manager will be the conductor of the orchestra that is Our campaign manager is really your guy, sitting in our office.

    Other Functional Expertise

  • - Digital Marketing Consultant

  • - Market Opportunity Assessment

  • - Marketing Strategy

  • - New product launch / Marketing

  • - International Marketing Consultant

  • - Branding Strategy


    US based financial services firm

    - "We have been using for quite sometime and the amount of ease, has provided us with for email marketing has been tremendous. has provided with a lot of power in executing email campaigns easily and effectively compared to other email marketing automation softwares."

    Global health care company

    - "Campaign Management has been our business partner for more than 3 years now and we couldn't have been more satisfied. The company's expertise is not limited just to their services, they go a step further and follow a holistic approach in developing low-cost email marketing solutions."

    US based financial services agency

    - "I would recommend Campaign Management to anyone looking to streamline their Marketing process and want to save costs tremendously."

    US based e-commerce giant

    - "Identifying suppliers that meet quality standards and custom requirements is their biggest strength."

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